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Extending Machine Senses

“With the use of PortaMetrics™, we were able to analyze the fragmentation coming from our blasts, make improvements in the drilling & blasting process and achieve the quality parameters required by the processing plant.”
Mine Manager
Kleber Silva Gonçalves

“PortaMetrics™ makes it easier to optimize our blasting parameters and reduce explosives costs throughout the operation.”
Superintendent Drill and Blast, AngloGold Ashanti
Horia Moisa

“With ShovelMetrics™, we remove people from the line of fire while maintaining operational continuity.”
Gabriela Mistral Mine Manager
Gustavo Córdova

“Using PortaMetrics™, we perform daily fragmentation analysis on stock piles, crusher piles and at the plant.”
Christian Aliaga, Enaex Technical Representative
Los Pelambres Mine

“With ShovelMetrics™, giving alerts to the mining operation allows us to act before a tooth reaches the primary crusher.”
Gabriela Mistral Mining Control Processes Engineer
Estefanía Broughton

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