Conveyor Belt fragmentation analysis

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BeltMetrics™ is a ruggedized 3D imaging fragmentation analysis and empty belt detection solution designed for mining operations worldwide.


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Optimize Blasting Results

Mine to mill optimization begins with a clear understanding and ongoing assessment of blasting, crushing, and grinding operations. Modifying blast practices to optimize mill feed size can increase a mine’s throughput by up to 30%. However, without measuring fragmentation at critical points along the size reduction circuit, modification practices are often inaccurate or delayed and do not contribute to overall mine to mill optimization.

BeltMetrics™ is an accurate alternative to traditional sieve analysis that eliminates the need to take samples from the belt or impact production. With BeltMetrics™, accurate measurements are taken throughout the size reduction circuit and results are shared in real-time with mine management.


3D Imaging

BeltMetrics™ uses a rugged stereo camera to provide high-resolution 3D imaging that ensures every visible rock in each image is scaled accurately. High-powered industrial LED lights ensure the system operates reliably 24 hours per day, without interrupting the production cycle. A rugged, industrial frame holds the camera and lighting in place and is customizable to any belt size and orientation.

The system continuously monitors the belt providing valuable fragmentation data and alerts the mine when the belt is empty. Sophisticated deep learning algorithms process captured images to provide accurate fragmentation analysis. The high-resolution camera ensures that even small particles are captured and analyzed: BeltMetrics™ can detect rocks as small as 0.9 cm.


Belt Analysis Without Interruption

BeltMetrics™ operates 24 hours per day and requires no supervision or scaling objects. Fragmentation data is accessible in real time from any laptop, tablet or cellphone via our web-based reporting platform, MetricsManager™ Pro.

Detects Blocked Screens

Because it can determine when the belt is empty, BeltMetrics™ can alert mine staff to blocked screens or chutes to ensure operation continues smoothly. Oversized material can cause unnecessary downtime – continuous monitoring is essential to mine productivity.


Stay Connected from Anywhere

High-quality images collected by the BeltMetrics™ camera are transmitted to our web-based reporting platform, MetricsManager™ Pro, for analysis. This reporting tool is powerful, customizable, and can be accessed by anyone at the mine with verified login credentials. Each generated report contains a rock size distribution graph, p-values with associated rock sizes, as well as date and time stamps. With MetricsManager™ Pro, mine management can detect changes in material size and react quickly and easily.


What is the minimum detectable rock size?

The smallest rock size BeltMetrics™ can measure accurately is 0.9 cm at 1.5m.

Does it save data/reports/logs?


Does it provide a count of how many rocks are each size?

The system provides a graph of rock size distribution and reports the percentage of the material in different size ranges for a given image sample.

How accurate are the results?

BeltMetrics™ is accurate ±10%.

Who can use it? What kind of training is required?

BeltMetrics™ is easy to use for any mine or quarry personnel. Data from the system can be viewed and analyzed on MetricsManager™ Pro, our intuitive yet powerful web-based reporting platform.

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