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July 17th, 2015

Motion Metrics Sponsors UBC Mining Engineering Grad Trip to Greece

Motion Metrics is a proud sponsor of the UBC Mining Engineering Grad Trip to Greece. Upon completion of their undergrad, a team of 20+ students traveled to Greece to gain insight into worldwide mining operations. From April 30th to May 15th, the students visited multiple mines, mineral processing plants and Greek Universities across the country.

Beginning at the Olympias mine, the group toured the underground mine and flotation plant, followed by Skouries mine – a project under development, soon to host both an open pit and underground mine. Highlights included a tour of a large lignite mine in Ptolemaida and a trip to the Public Power Corporation’s South Field Mine, giving the group valuable insight into Greek mining operations.

Motion Metrics wishes the grads good luck with their Mining careers!

“I would like to thank Motion Metrics again for their contribution to helping that entire trip happen. It was a final trip all together as a grad class after being together for 4-5 years. We learned so much while experiencing a new culture during our trip and we are very grateful to all the sponsorships we received throughout the year that made this trip actually happen. Now many of us are working as full time EIT’s and are busy working all over the country. It was a great way to finish our undergrad with all our friends and classmates before starting a career in the real world. We cannot thank you enough.”  Keiran Swanton – UBC Mining Graduate