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“PortaMetrics™ makes it easier to optimize our blasting parameters and reduce explosives costs throughout the operation. The device provides fast analysis, requires minimal training, and the data is easy to access from any internet-connected device.”
Superintendent Drill and Blast, AngloGold Ashanti
Horia Moisa

“Previously, personnel must enter the primary crusher to remove a missing tooth. With ShovelMetrics™, we remove people from the line of fire and maintain operational continuity.”
Gabriela Mistral Mine Manager
Gustavo Córdova

“Using PortaMetrics™, we perform daily fragmentation analysis on stock piles, crusher piles, and at the plant, as well as on gravel that produces stoppage in the production wells.”
Christian Aliaga, Enaex Technical Representative
Los Pelambres Mine

“ShovelMetrics™ system uses color coded traffic lights and identifies if a tooth is missing, or if it is short and needs changing. Giving alerts to the mining operation allows us to act before a tooth reaches the primary crusher.”
Gabriela Mistral Mining Control Processes Engineer
Estefanía Broughton

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