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November 19th, 2014

An Inside Look: Installation in Peru

Written by David Huang, Motion Metrics Production Manager

Last month I had the privilege of going to a 4-day installation visit at a mine in Peru, who is a long time Motion Metrics customer. I was thrilled at the opportunity of travelling to a different country, meeting new people, and having a chance to practice the little bit of Spanish that I had picked up over the years. It was especially exciting for me to see our latest solution, ShovelMetrics™, fully connected with MetricsManager™ in the real world.

 My trip began with a quick stop in Lima, the capital city of Peru, which has a population of over 9 million people. Lima is one of the greatest places that I have ever visited. It has several examples of beautiful European-style architecture and the Peruvian cuisine is among the best in the world. I hear that many people visit the country just for the food. Anyone visiting Peru must also try their national drink, Pisco Sour, which is a cocktail of Peruvian pisco, Key lime juice, syrup, egg white, and Angostura bitters. Their popular seafood dish, Ceviche, is also a local favorite.


I toured around the city to visit several attractions using their public bus system, which was convenient and safe. Along the way, I met many locals who helped me find my way and recommended places for me to go. Overall, I found the city to be quite safe and the people to be extremely friendly and helpful.

After another short flight from Lima and a bit of driving, I finally arrived at the mine. Before being allowed into the mine, I had to pass several medical exams and inductions. The mine had strict health and safety standards for all visitors, which I found to be very commendable.

Having been a Motion Metrics customer for many years, the mine was in the process of upgrading to our new ShovelMetrics™ systems for their fleet. This was my first time working with both ShovelMetrics™ and MetricsManger™ at this mine. I was quite impressed with how well our new German-engineered touch screen monitors with colour surveillance camera views looked in the field.  I also upgraded the MetricsManager™ software. For those of you who are not familiar with MetricsManager™, it is a centralized equipment management data server solution that enables mines to connect directly to any of their Motion Metrics systems, making critical safety and productivity information instantly accessible throughout the mine.

This trip was a wonderful experience for me to work outside of my regular duties as the Production Manager at Motion Metrics. The direct interaction with the customer is always valuable, as their suggestions and requests are powerful driving forces for the continuous improvement of our products. The installation went smoothly and we managed to finish on schedule thanks to the great planning from the mine’s team. It was great to see our new products in action and, by the end of the trip, MetricsManger™ became one of my favourite products! I will now wrap up this article by saying “Muchas Gracias” to all the hard working staff and to my new friends in Peru.