Blind Spot Reduction

Blind Spot Reduction

LoaderMetrics™ Blind Spot Reduction prevents fatal collisions and costly equipment damage by providing the operator with greater visibility.



Improve Operational Safety

Collisions between equipment pose serious safety risks to mine personnel, as well as large financial implications to repair or replace damaged equipment, not to mention the productivity lost during such an event. LoaderMetrics™ Blind Spot Reduction assists operators in making blind spots more visible, empowering them to make safe operating decisions.


Collision Mitigation

LoaderMetrics™ Blind Spot Reduction features a series of three cameras located on the left, right and rear of the loader. Connected to an in-cab monitor display, the operator is provided with surveillance views of their surroundings in real-time. During the course of operation, operators are able to clearly see their blind spots when driving and rotating to dump to trucks.


Safer Decisions

LoaderMetrics™ Blind Spot Reduction technology provides greater surveillance visibility to operators, allowing them to make safer decisions and prevent collisions between mining equipment and personnel. In doing so, costly accidents are mitigated and overall mine safety is improved.

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