Lens Cleaning System

Lens Cleaning System

Missing Tooth Detection performance can be affected by dust, dirt, mud, road grime and mist accumulating on the bucket camera.



Better Results

Given the camera’s location beneath the bucket looking upward, it is subject to extreme debris, falling rocks and excessive dirt. As the camera’s visibility is obscured, the accuracy of the Missing Tooth Detection system is compromised as the camera cannot capture clear images of the bucket teeth. The LoaderMetrics™ Lens Cleaning System offers an innovative solution to this problem.


Integrated Solution

The Lens Cleaning System features up to four cleaning nozzles for enhanced cleaning. Each nozzle can be adjusted up to 120 degrees. When needed, the system sprays the lens with a combination of water and washer fluid to remove any dirt and debris. Once clean, pressurized air dries the lens to remove any water droplets or streaks. The Lens Cleaning System is already integrated into the Motion Metrics embedded systems and is operational for both ShovelMetrics™ and LoaderMetrics™ solutions.

Simple Controls

The Lens Cleaning System can be operated in three ways:

- manually by clicking the ShovelMetrics™ and LoaderMetrics™ user interface cleaning button

- remotely through the local LAN and web browser

- programmed automatically at specified time intervals

In addition to a visual indicator on the device’s exterior, the Lens Cleaning System is able to measure fluid level and send an alarm through the in-cab monitor when the reservoir is empty.


Greater Visibility

This innovative, non-abrasive, non-contact Lens Cleaning System ensures system cameras are clear of debris, while reducing the likelihood of scratches and improving the longevity of the lens. As a result, clear images can be captured and analyzed by our LoaderMetrics™ system.

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