Missing Tooth Detection

Missing Tooth Detection

LoaderMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection is an innovative solution by Motion Metrics that monitors bucket teeth on all wheel loaders.



A Dangerous Problem

Loader teeth, often smaller than those on shovels, have the potential to break off from the bucket during operation. Such an event often goes unnoticed by the operator, and loader activities resume. As a result, digging productivity declines and the missing tooth has the potential to make its way to downstream equipment causing further damage. Missing teeth entering and jamming a downstream crusher or conveyor belt is a very dangerous situation to rectify.

Built from the successful ShovelMetrics™ system, LoaderMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection was created to address these problems.


Thermal Camera Imaging

In open-pit operations, as bucket teeth come into contact with the surface material, friction results in excessive heat. To capitalize on this natural occurrence, a thermal camera is mounted on a rugged, shock-absorbing bracket beneath the bucket, looking upward.

Using the latest thermal image technology, the system tracks the bucket teeth and when detected, an image is captured and analyzed for missing or broken teeth.

In-cab Display

When a tooth is detected missing, real-time audible and visual alerts inform the operator through an in-cab monitor display. The operator knows with accuracy, which tooth is missing and can conclude which truck it has been dumped to. As a result, the tooth can be prevented from reaching downstream equipment.


Prevent Downtime

Removing a tooth that has entered downstream belts or crushers is a very dangerous and costly situation to rectify. Such occurrences require highly skilled personnel to remove the tooth, which often results in hours of unplanned equipment downtime. By continuously tracking bucket teeth and preventing them from making their way downstream, LoaderMetrics™ technology drastically improves mine safety and saves mines millions of dollars annually.


Centralized Analysis

MetricsManager™ Pro is a centralized web-based solution designed to manage and analyze information collected directly from Motion Metrics embedded systems.
MetricsManager™ Pro for LoaderMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection allows users to:

  • Monitor missing tooth events to determine the exact date, time and piece of equipment that lost a tooth.
  • Generate professional reports to receive further insight and an accurate timeline of events.
  • Review system performance with log frequency analysis, ensuring the system is capturing and processing images frequently.

Real-time Alerts

Users can access this information in real-time from a connected laptop, tablet or smartphone, providing an overview of all Missing Tooth events across all loaders connected to MetricsManager™ Pro.

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