MetricsManager™ Pro

Equipment management platform

MetricsManager™ Pro

MetricsManager™ Pro is a centralized web-based platform that unites individual equipment data. Through the web portal, mining personnel can access critical information from anywhere.



Centralized Server

MetricsManager™ Pro revolutionizes the way mining equipment is monitored by uniting individual equipment data to a centralized web-based platform, providing a one-stop portal for all Motion Metrics data and information. Personnel at mines and quarries can access ShovelMetrics™, LoaderMetrics™, and PortaMetrics™ status updates, data summaries, and receive in-depth performance reports, equipment activity logs, and rock fragmentation data from anywhere.


Unique Challenges

Given the nature of Motion Metrics solutions, unique challenges are presented. These challenges include:

  • Data stored on mining equipment is difficult and inconvenient to access
  • Monitoring system health and performance on each piece of equipment is difficult and inconvenient
  • Raw data needs to be converted to useful information and analytics to add value
MetricsManager™ Pro addresses these challenges by offering a single platform to access all Motion Metrics system data and produce detailed results, adding value for mine management personnel.


Connect from Anywhere

MetricsManager™ Pro utilizes the existing IT infrastructure in mines and quarries to connect directly to any Motion Metrics system. Using the mine network, data is transmitted from equipment to the server. The server stores and organizes data in a database for later use. MetricsManager™ Pro - the web application – offers a web interface providing convenient access to data for all users on the mine network. MetricsManager™ Pro also allows valuable reports to be generated, using various KPI’s to analyze the performance of each system.


Real-time Data

MetricsManager™ Pro collects data in real-time. In doing so, the mine personnel can be immediately notified about critical events such as missing teeth from shovels or loaders, and near-miss or collision incidents around shovels, allowing them to respond quickly. Further benefits include:

  • Valuable reports can be generated and benchmarks set with customized alerts configured if they are not met
  • Dashboard views indicates the status of all Motion Metrics systems at a glance
  • Critical event notifications can be created for monitoring various alarms or warnings

MetricsManager™ Pro for ShovelMetrics™

  • Missing Tooth Detection – monitor teeth status in real time and generate critical event reports
  • Tooth Wear Monitoring – predict teeth wear-out dates and minimize shovel downtime
  • Fragmentation Analysis – optimize blasting results by generating rock fragmentation reports
  • Proximity Detection – generate collision incident reports and use for operator training purposes
  • Payload Monitoring – optimize shovel payload with customized reports for each operator

MetricsManager™ Pro for LoaderMetrics™

  • Missing Tooth Detection – monitor teeth status in real time and generate critical event reports
  • Blind Spot Reduction – track truck proximity and minimize dangerous operations

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