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December 29th, 2015

2015 Highlights

This year has seen many milestones for Motion Metrics from moving offices to attending tradeshows and conferences worldwide to launching new products. Here is a list of our top 10 moments from 2015:

10. Spanish Website Launched – with so much mining potential in South America – Chile and Peru in particular, we launched our Spanish website to connect with customers in this region – read more

9. 16th Birthday Celebration on July 9th, our staff from Chile, Africa and Vancouver offices met at Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver to attend our 9th  Semi-Annual Meeting and celebrate our 16th birthday – read more.

8. ShovelMetrics™ 1.0 Launch – overall ShovelMetrics™ improvements were launched in July featuring improved missing tooth detection rates and faster calibration for enhanced performance – read more.

7. New Headquarters – 2015 saw Motion Metrics move to a newly renovated 12,000 sq.ft office, lab and manufacturing space at the heart of the University of British Columbia. To celebrate, we had a gathering of various stakeholders – read more.

6. Patents Awarded for Proximity Detection and Payload Monitoring – this year we were awarded USA patent #9030332 for Proximity Detection and Canadian patent #2683357 for Payload Monitoring – read more.

5. Installations in Brazil – this year we installed ShovelMetrics™ systems in Brazil, where our year-long journey featuring several trips from Vancouver to Brazil was a success –  read more.

4. 8 Payload Monitoring Sales to South Africa – after a successful trial at a large Iron Ore mine in South Africa, a total of 8 Payload Monitoring systems were purchased by the mine for their full fleet of hydraulic shovels – read more.

3. September in South America – this year, we attended three back-to-back tradeshows in South America during September: Mantemin in Chile, Exposibram in Brazil and Perumin in Peru – read more.

2. PortaMetrics™ Software Updates – after our initial PortaMetrics™ launch, new features including an option to manually edit images and generate reports using cloud login were created – read more.

1. LoaderMetrics™ 2.0  after a year of dedication and hard work, we launched LoaderMetrics 2.0! Featuring thermal vision, artificial intelligence and a lens cleaning system, LoaderMetrics™ 2.0 is set to be our most advanced product to date. In particular, it employs the same type of deep learning methodologies that are used by the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon in B2C space for pattern recognition, but in a B2B setting – read more.