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November 22nd, 2018

A New Milestone: Motion Metrics Detects 200th Missing Tooth

We’ve detected thousands of missing shovel and loader teeth over the years, but visibility of these events hasn’t always been apparent.  In 2016, we released our centralized data analysis and visualization platform MetricsManager™ Pro to change that.  Armed with this powerful yet intuitive reporting and analytics tool, our Support team can work alongside mines to recognize tooth breakage patterns and alert mine personnel to potential problems.

Our Support team uses MetricsManager™ Pro daily to conduct system health checks and routine monitoring for clients who’ve subscribed to the service.  You can view anonymous sample data of missing teeth that our ShovelMetrics™ and LoaderMetrics™ systems have detected here.  On November 6th, our Support team noticed that something special had happened – we detected our 200th missing tooth using MetricsManager™ Pro.

ShovelMetrics™ detected the missing tooth on a P&H 4100C electric rope shovel in South America at 6:55 AM.  Our system immediately notified the shovel operator, leading the mine crew to arrange a replacement for the missing tooth.  The new tooth was installed about one (1) hour later and the shovel resumed operation seamlessly.

The missing tooth was swiftly replaced, and operation resumed seamlessly.

It wasn’t long before the 200th tooth became old news – our Support team confirmed two more detections at an iron ore mine in South Africa later that day.  By November 13th, we’d confirmed 210 successful detections by using the visualization platform.

Mining workflows have become increasingly complex with the advent of digital monitoring tools, but MetricsManager™ Pro provides an intuitive and easy-to-implement solution for increasing the visibility of critical events like missing shovel teeth.  To learn more about the live data analysis and long-term trending possible with this powerful web-based solution, visit our product page.

MetricsManager™ Pro is a powerful yet intuitive data visualization and analytics platform.

Or, to get even more out of your data, consider enlisting the help of our Support team – our expert engineers can act as your second set of eye by remotely connecting to MetricsManager™ pro.