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September 30th, 2011

EXPOSIBRAM 2011 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

In late September, Motion Metrics visited the beautiful country of Brazil once again for the EXPOSIBRAM 2011 International Mining Exhibition, which was held in Belo Horizonte. As Brazil is one of the key players in iron ore mining, it was important for Motion Metrics to show a strong presence at Exposibram.

Motion Metrics had two separate booths; one as part of the Canadian pavilion, and one as part of the P&H MinePro Alliance. This double appearance allowed our representatives to meet with a record number of visitors and increase our exposure in the Brazilian market.

After speaking with representatives from some of Brazil’s largest mining companies including Vale, CSN, Usiminas, and Bahia Mineração, it was clear that missing shovel teeth are a major problem in Brazil. We learned that in some Brazilian mines, it is not uncommon for a broken shovel tooth to cause crusher downtime at least once a month because of the hardness of the iron ore. When we explained our solution for missing shovel teeth, many of them saw our ToothMetrics™ system as a “must-have” for their mines.