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December 8th, 2017

Ghanaian Gold Mine Purchases ShovelMetrics™ System

Motion Metrics can now add Ghana to our installation map – we recently sold our first ShovelMetrics™ Fragmentation Analysis system to a large gold mine in the West African nation.  Ghana is Africa’s largest gold producer, and its mineral extraction sector is a burgeoning market we are eager to service.  Mining accounts for 5% of Ghana’s GDP, and gold contributes over 90% of total mineral exports.

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms and a single camera mounted on the shovel boom, ShovelMetrics™ continually analyzes images of the bucket and its contents to accurately calculate rock fragmentation; mine operators can use fragmentation data from the system to improve blasting parameters.  Efficient blasting is an integral part of any mining operation, and ShovelMetrics™ Fragmentation Analysis system can help mine operators optimize blasting results to realize significant time and cost savings.

Installation of the new ShovelMetrics™ system will take place in January 2018, and will be supported by Motion Metrics’ field team.  Although our headquarters are in Canada, Motion Metrics has a remote team based in Botswana and South Africa to help install, update, and maintain our systems throughout Africa.  We are committed to our international customers, and our remote field team ensures we can provide clients abroad with the highest level of service.

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