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January 15th, 2018

Introducing a New Version of MetricsManager™ Pro

To celebrate the new year, Motion Metrics has released a new and improved version of MetricsManager™ Pro!  This is a major release with several significant features, primarily focused on boosting fragmentation capabilities.

Among the features we are debuting is a new segmentation algorithm that boosts fragmentation performance.  The new algorithm yields a 5-10% accuracy improvement in P80 and P100 values, and performs ~four times faster than its predecessor.

Another feature we have added is the ability to download fragmentation data as a CSV file.  This capability will grant users greater flexibility to analyse data from Motion Metrics systems and integrate it with existing mine software.

Users can now download fragmentation data as a CSV file via the dropdown menu.

The newest iteration of MetricsManager™ Pro also includes an experimental fragmentation recommendation engine.  This time-saving tool tries to select logs that are suited to fragmentation; it also provides options for selecting logs that show fines, boulders, empty buckets, or downtime.  On the test data set, this experimental engine was already 85% accurate; as with all learning algorithms, we can achieve higher accuracy with more data.

Access the experimental recommendation engine via the Fragmentation Selection tab.

Additionally, users are now able to select a default home page to redirect to when they login.  This allows mine staff to customize their user experience based on individual workflows.

Users can now select a default home page via the “Account Settings” tab.

We would like to thank our customers for their ongoing feedback and support as we work towards making MetricsManager™ Pro the best data management platform in the industry.  To learn more about MetricsManager™ Pro, visit our product page.