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January 2nd, 2018

Keeping up with the Co-ops

As the year closes, we say goodbye to another class of bright young Motion Metrics co-op students.  Each student was assigned a project that culminated in a final company-wide research presentation.  Originally, we had planned to reward the top presenter with a $500 gift certificate, but the Motion Metrics staff was so impressed with the calibre of work this semester that each co-op received a prize!

Our first presenter, Cheng Xie, was an Engineering Physics student at the University of British Columbia.  Under the supervision of a senior algorithm scientist, Cheng helped the Deep Learning team improve our neural network via iterative pruning and the application of new techniques for optical flow analysis, rock segmentation, and synthetic image simulation.  “I really enjoyed the four months here at Motion Metrics,” says Cheng. “I definitely learned a lot, working on challenging problems alongside some brilliant people.”  We are pleased to announce that Cheng will be joining us in the new year as a part-time member of the Deep Learning team.

Justine Sultan, an Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia, was tasked with designing an automatic stereo camera calibration system for use with our newest product, BeltMetrics™.  Justine had to learn a new programming language on the fly – a challenge that her supervisor says she handled with ease.

Our second Electrical and Computer Engineering student from the University of British Columbia was Ryan Liu.  Under the direction of a senior software developer, Ryan worked on testing and development projects for our vehicle embedded system, as well as refactoring the code base.  “I have learned a lot about not just programming, but also the software development cycle, good software design, proper coding style, and much more,” says Ryan.  “It has been a pleasure working at Motion Metrics.”

Paymon Jalali, a second-year sciences student at Simon Fraser University who plans to major in Computer Science, also impressed presentation attendees.  This was Paymon’s second semester with Motion Metrics, where he again worked with the Quality Control team.  Completing his work from last semester, Paymon continued to upgrade and improve the performance of our vehicle embedded systems under the guidance of senior software development and electrical hardware staff.  He also developed new features for PortaMetrics™.  “I have been very lucky to have worked with such a great team of people,” says Paymon of his experience at Motion Metrics.   “I look forward to applying everything I’ve learned these past eight months within academics and my future career.”

Kuby Shen also completed his second co-op semester with Motion Metrics’ Quality Control team.  Kuby’s main project was to automate the testing of our vehicle embedded system.  “I had opportunities to interact with and learn from highly-skilled and experienced professionals, and have learned a lot in the past two terms that were not taught in the academic courses at school,” says Kuby.  “The friendly and wonderful workplace environment working here at Motion Metrics has honestly been one of the best parts about working here, and one that I will remember forevermore down the road.”

The Motion Metrics team would like to wish all its co-op students the best of luck in their academic studies this coming semester. We know they will be great assets to their future employers!

To learn more about our co-op program and available positions, check out our Careers page.