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August 29th, 2016

Meet The Interns

This summer, Motion Metrics brought another select group of talented university students on board as part of our co-op program. Derek Chen, Declan Easton, and Sahar Ghavidel played an integral role in our company, each completing a challenging project over the course of the semester.

Sahar Ghavidel (above) enhanced the performance of our Deep Learning-based missing tooth detection algorithm for a hydraulic shovel model. Her work allows Motion Metrics to test and demonstrate ShovelMetrics™ state of the art monitoring system on this smaller scale model which is typically used in trade show settings. Sahar is an electrical engineering student and Deep Learning specialist who will finish her masters’ degree at Queens University in the fall. As a student, her research involves using Deep Learning approaches to improve the sensitivity of targeted biopsies and reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies during cancer diagnosis.


This summer’s other co-op project was a joint effort undertaken by Derek Chen and Declan Easton. The two undergraduate engineering students and lunch hour basketball stars were responsible for developing the fragmentation analysis application on MetricsManager™Pro, our cloud-based mine management platform, which will be released this fall. This was the second co-op term at Motion Metrics for Declan, who will go back to UBC Okanagan for his fourth year of electrical engineering in the fall. Derek, on the other hand, will stay on for another co-op semester before returning to finish his engineering physics degree at UBC Vancouver, just steps away from the Motion Metrics office.


Last week, our three co-op students presented their accomplishments in front of the company with the best presentation winning a prestigious grand prize. It was a tough decision and the votes were close but in the end we would like to congratulate Sahar as this summer’s winning co-op student!

Co-op students and interns receive mentoring from our Motion Metrics project supervisors, allowing them to gain valuable industry insights and hands on experience. Indeed, many of our long-term employees today are former co-op students. To apply for an internship, contact