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January 4th, 2018

MetricsManager™ Pro Attracts100+ Users

Since its launch in 2016, MetricsManager™ Pro has been a hit with customers.  The centralized web platform, which aggregates and analyzes individual equipment data collected from Motion Metrics systems, now has 100+ active users at mine sites around the world.

Mines are using the platform to analyze ShovelMetrics™ data,  build on PortaMetrics™ reports, and monitor LoaderMetrics™ systems.  The solution allows easy access to real-time productivity dashboards, customizable performance reports, and detailed event logs for all users on the mine’s network.

One of our first existing clients to adopt MetricsManager™ Pro is Enaex, a leading explosives and blasting company in South America that uses the solution alongside PortaMetrics™ to analyze fragmentation.  Christian Aliaga, a technical representative for Enaex at the Pelambres copper mine in Chile, has been thrilled with the solution.  “MetricsManager™ Pro has helped us make the fullest use of the information gathered in the field by PortaMetrics™,” he says.  “The segmentation editing tools and user-friendly interface make my job much easier as the platform allows to generate high quality reports in very little time.”

Enaex has been using our online data management platform to analyze images and generate fragmentation reports from PortaMetrics™ data collected at stock piles, crusher piles, in the plant, and on the gravel responsible for stoppages in the production wells.  “I would absolutely recommend using this platform as it allows us to handle information quickly and effectively,” says Aliaga.  “Furthermore, it significantly improves analysis implementation and the delivery of results through brief summaries and comprehensive reports.”

MetricsManager™ Pro adds connectivity to all Motion Metrics systems beyond their local site of installation and application, and is easy to implement using existing IT infrastructure in mines and quarries.  To learn more about MetricsManager™ Pro, visit our product page.