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December 12th, 2016

Motion Metrics Fall Intern Presentations

Our latest class of engineering co-op students recently presented their personal projects in front of the company, competing for a lucrative grand prize. This fall we hosted two fresh faces as well as two returnees, who each made a valuable contribution to the next generation of Motion Metrics solutions. Let’s meet this semester’s co-op students:


Andrew Ouyang completed his first of two co-op terms with Motion Metrics. Andrew is a third year Computer Science student here at the University of British Columbia. His project this semester involved test-driven development with automated builds as well as improving the LoaderMetrics™ lens cleaning system. His hobbies include video games, design, drawing, and eating seafood.


This was also the first co-op term for Ivan Zinin. The fourth year UBC Engineering Physics student worked on testing a new stereo camera system. Ivan is passionate about software and electrical design and is developing an industrial robotic arm as his engineering capstone project. In his spare time he develops video games and builds machines out of lego.


Sahar Ghavidel, last semester’s defending champion, just completed her second co-op term at Motion Metrics. She is an office foosball legend who recently graduated from Queens University with her second Masters degree. This semester she worked on developing Deep Neural Networks for the ShovelMetrics™ missing tooth detection and fragmentation analysis modules. She has had a great impact on the performance of the Deep Learning team and we are delighted to announce that she will begin working full-time for the company in the new year.


However, in the end our winner was returning co-op student Derek Chen, who is going back to UBC to complete his final semester in Engineering Physics. For his previous co-op term, Derek helped design the ShovelMetrics™ fragmentation analysis platform on MetricsManager™ Pro. This semester, Derek continued his work on MetricsManager™ Pro, developing the missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring, and payload monitoring platforms. His work makes it possible to select, filter, save, and analyze the data captured by ShovelMetrics™.

Co-op students and interns receive mentoring from our Motion Metrics project supervisors, allowing them to gain valuable industry insights and hands on experience. Indeed, many of our long-term employees today are former co-op students. To apply for an internship, contact