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September 13th, 2017

Motion Metrics holds 18th Annual General Meeting

Last month, Motion Metrics held its 18th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the University Golf Club in Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver.  International staff from Chile and Southern Africa flew in to join local employees for the two-day event, which saw each department at Motion Metrics reflect on the previous year and plan for the next.  Attendees were treated to insightful presentations covering a range of industry topics. The final presentation by the Founder and CEO, Shahram Tafazoli, delivered a progressive five-year plan.  The gathering culminated in a team-building volleyball tournament and social at Jericho Beach.

Since its incorporation in 1999, Motion Metrics has employed cutting-edge technologies to improve safety and optimize productivity in the mining sector.  Our AGM is an opportunity to measure our progress, assess the economic landscape, and identify new tools and strategies for innovation and improvement.  The common theme was how artificial intelligence (and, in particular, deep learning) is helping us significantly improve our products, and how we are adopting cloud computing and stereo imaging to expand our current product portfolio. On the business side, we were proud to hit a new record for sales and reported 30% revenue growth. We forecast even higher revenue growth in the coming years with our exciting plans.

Our support team is also taking steps to improve response time and increase customer interactions.  Each year during the week preceding our annual general meeting, Motion Metrics field specialists participate in an intensive hands-on training program to improve their existing skills and gain new knowledge.  These workshops cover hardware components, installation and system setup, and troubleshooting, and ensure that our support professionals are prepared to make critical decisions on-site with our customers. These extensive training sessions are only considered complete if the trainees fully pass the exams at the end.  Six staff from Motion Metrics Latin America and three remote employees from Southern Africa joined us for this year’s installment.

By learning from our past and planning for our future, Motion Metrics can continue to pave the way as an industry leader in mining intelligence.   We view our AGM as a means of nurturing transparency and accountability, and look forward to pushing past our near and long term goals. While our company is 18 years old, we aim to operate as an agile start-up with ambitious goals while providing the stability of a mature company to our customers. The next five years will be key!

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