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January 15th, 2018

Motion Metrics Launches New Resources Page

Choosing the right set of monitoring solutions for your mine is a daunting task, so Motion Metrics has created a new resource to help you decide if our products are right for your operation.

The Motion Metrics Resources page contains a variety of technical brochures, product case studies, and trade publication articles that explain the problems monitoring solutions aim to solve and showcase the safety and productivity benefits customers can achieve by implementing our systems.

Examples of material you can find on our Resources page include: a case study demonstrating how a Canadian gold mine prevented a production loss of USD$430K with ShovelMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection, an article that compares PortaMetrics™ to traditional methods of fragmentation analysis, and a brochure explaining how LoaderMetrics™ uses thermal imaging and deep learning algorithms to prevent unplanned downtime and mitigate accidents.

Click here to see the Resources page for yourself!