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April 9th, 2018

Motion Metrics Presents Research at Minexcellence 2018

Motion Metrics had a great time exhibiting and presenting at Minexcellence 2018, which was held from March 21st – 23rd at the Grand Hyatt in Santiago, Chile.

In addition to exhibiting, Motion Metrics also presented research regarding the cutting-edge AI approach that powers our core products.  Our presentation, entitled “Artificial Intelligence-Based Monitoring of Mining Shovel Tooth Wear”, explained how ShovelMetrics™ Tooth Wear Monitoring uses machine learning and a ruggedized camera to provide accurate shovel tooth measurements.  We estimate that this technology can avoid the premature replacement of 50 or more teeth per shovel per year by using better tooth replacement strategies.  To learn more about ShovelMetrics™  Tooth Wear Monitoring, download the full paper from our Resources Page.

Attended by more than 100 mining companies, Minexcellence provides a forum for mining executives and professionals to share knowledge on optimization methods for improving performance and reducing production costs.  Given today’s challenging economic climate, these conversations are essential to the continual improvement of safety, productivity, and technological innovation across the global mining industry.

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