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March 15th, 2019

New Mine-to-Mill Optimization Video

Fast and accurate particle size analysis is a critical component of any mine-to-mill optimization project, so we’ve developed advanced solutions for the pit and the plant.  Recently, we released a new video to show mines how we can help them achieve their optimization objectives – watch it here to see which of our solutions are right for your operation!



A well-designed mine-to-mill optimization project can achieve productivity gains in the range of 10-20% with minor operational changes or cost impacts.  But establishing baseline performance and optimizing feed size requires continual analysis at various stages in the size reduction process.

We offer a complete suite of particle size analysis solutions that helps mines measure this critical metric as part of an effective mine-to-mill approach.  ShovelMetrics™, BeltMetrics™, and PortaMetrics™ provide coverage for mining shovels, conveyor belts, and scenarios that demand portable solutions.  Used in conjunction with our centralized data analysis platform MetricsManager™ Pro, these smart tools grant mines insight into the effectiveness of their blasting, crushing, and grinding operations.

ShovelMetrics™ is an in-shovel particle size analysis solution that can help mines adjust their blast parameters for optimal productivity and efficiency.  The image-based system captures images of the full shovel bucket, then segments the images using machine learning algorithms.


ShovelMetrics™ continually analyzes particle size in the shovel bucket.


Although ShovelMetrics™ provides rich information, there are some scenarios where a mine needs additional coverage.  For example, a mine may want to evaluate the particle size distribution of a salvage pile or a stockpile being loaded by small excavators where these fixed systems haven’t been installed.

To address these scenarios, we developed PortaMetrics™ – a ruggedized, handheld particle size analysis tool that uses stereo imaging to eliminate the need for reference scaling objects.  PortaMetrics™ is a safer and more accurate alternative to traditional image-based particle size analysis methods that require the operator to place and remove a scaling object while exposed to falling rock from the bench face.


PortaMetrics™ is a handheld particle size analysis solution.


Particle size analysis shouldn’t stop at the muck pile – it should also be assessed continually downstream.  We developed our newest solution, BeltMetrics™, to continually analyze particle size along any conveyor belt.  Like PortaMetrics™, this solution uses machine learning algorithms and 3D imaging to provide fast and accurate data without a reference scaling object.  BeltMetrics™ can also detect when the belt is empty, alerting mine staff to blocked screens or chutes.


BeltMetrics™ continually analyzes particle size on conveyor belts.


A complete particle size analysis solution that is convenient, consistent, and accurate is a requirement for successful mine-to-mill optimization.  When integrated with our centralized data analysis platform MetricsManager™ Pro, ShovelMetrics™, PortaMetrics™, and BeltMetrics™ provide comprehensive coverage from the pit to the plant.

To learn more, download our Mine-to-Mill Optimization white paper.