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May 15th, 2018

New Version of MetricsManager™ Pro Boosts Segmentation Accuracy by 5-10%

A new version of MetricsManager™ Pro has been released!  This edition sees our improved artificial intelligence-based rock segmentation algorithm rolled out to both PortaMetrics™ and ShovelMetrics™ logs on the centralized data analysis platform.

The algorithm aims to boost fragmentation performance and has provided impressive results since its debut in January.  It yields a 5-10% accuracy improvement in P80 and P100 values and performs about four times faster than its predecessor.   It’s important to note that PortaMetrics™ logs can only be processed with the new algorithm on MetricsManager™ Pro – not in-device.  To take advantage of the new algorithm and our data analysis platform, contact our sales team for subscription options.

The new segmentation algorithm on MetricsManager™ Pro provides highly accurate fragmentation analysis.

With this release of MetricsManager™ Pro, the new algorithm has been made a fragmentation preset in manual correction mode for shovel logs and can be set as the default.  With PortaMetrics™, the fragmentation preset replaces its predecessor as the default segmentation result for all logs on MetricsManager™ Pro.  To learn more about our centralized data analysis platform, visit the MetricsManager™ Pro product page.

Another example of the improved algorithm’s segmentation capabilities.  This new feature is available exclusively on MetricsManager™ Pro and works with ShovelMetrics™ and PortaMetrics™ logs.

This was a major collaboration between our MetricsManager™ Pro and Quality Control teams that will greatly benefit customers using this service.  Check out the gallery below to see our team celebrate over cake!

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