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February 22nd, 2011

37th ISEE Conference – San Diego, USA

At this year’s 37th Annual Conference on Explosive & Blasting Technique presented by the International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE), Motion Metrics’ FragMetrics™ Product Engineering Manager, Edmond Chow, presented his paper titled, “Measuring Blast Fragmentation by Analyzing Shovel Bucket Contents.”

In this enticing talk, the FragMetrics™ shovel-bucket-based automatic rock fragmentation collection and analysis system was introduced to an audience of explosives engineering experts. The talk emphasized the importance of sensing the rock sizes in the shovel bucket, before they are dumped onto the haul truck and passed through crushers and conveyors.

The advantage of this unique approach is that the rock sizes are analyzed very close to the blasting area, prior to the breakdown of the rocks due to handling. To optimize their blast designs, blast engineers require fragmentation data with minimal breakdown in order to obtain a precise relationship between blasting and rock fragmentation.

The talk was well-received and several attendees visited Motion Metrics’ booth at the conference to learn more about FragMetrics™.