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February 28th, 2017

SME 2017

Motion Metrics was in Denver, Colorado for the 2017 SME Annual Conference and Expo. The four day event was a great opportunity for us to showcase our innovative safety and productivity-enhancing solutions. Our booth featured demonstrations of all our products including ShovelMetrics™, LoaderMetrics™, PortaMetrics™, and Metrics Manager™ Pro, attracting visitors from mines across the globe. Our hydraulic shovel and loader models demonstrated our industry-leading missing tooth detection solutions and were a hit with our guests.

The trade show also gave us an opportunity to meet with Patrick Cahill, an engineering student at the University of Missouri Science and Technology, and present him with the Motion Metrics Award for Research Excellence. Cahill received the award in recognition of his paper, “The Effects of Detonation Wave Collisions on Rock Throw,” which he presented at the SME conference. Cahill’s paper compares different detonation techniques and the effect they have on fragmentation and throw. His research was made possible by the use of the PortaMetrics™ handheld fragmentation analysis device.