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January 5th, 2018

Top Ten Moments of 2017

2017 was an exciting and rewarding year for Motion Metrics!  We introduced a new product, broke old sales records, penetrated new markets, and received recognition from major mining institutions around the world.  Looking back, we’ve compiled what we think were our top ten moments this year.  Check out the list below:

  1. We hit a new record for sales and reported 30% revenue growth.

Motion Metrics had plenty of success to reflect on at our 18th annual general meeting this year – we surpassed our previous record for sales and grew revenue by 30%.  For a recap of our business accomplishments this year, read here.  We’ve got our sights set even higher for 2018!

  1. We introduced a new product, ShovelMetrics™ Oil Sands Edition, which was rapidly adopted by the target market.

This September, we launched a new version of ShovelMetrics™ tailored to the needs of oil sands mines.  Since bitumen can accumulate in the GET components of shovel buckets and obscur them, we developed a rugged thermal imaging system that can identify GETs even when they are partially obscured by debris.  ShovelMetrics™ Oil Sands Edition has been very well-received – within two months, we sold 10+ systems to a large player in the Alberta oil sands.  Read more here.

  1. We expanded our Deep Learning team and extended this leading-edge technology to a second product, ShovelMetrics™.

Last year, we integrated machine learning into our LoaderMetrics™ system.  This year, we extended that technology to ShovelMetrics™ to improve the existing product and help us launch our new ShovelMetrics™ Oil Sands Edition.  To make these innovations possible, our Human Resources department has been steadily growing our Deep Learning team.  We have a current vacancy and will be searching for another talented deep learning intern in the coming months.  Click here to learn more about the exciting career opportunities on offer at Motion Metrics.

  1. Motion Metrics was named a finalist in the BC Export Awards.

Presented jointly by the BC Ministry of Trade, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), and Business in Vancouver, the BC Export Awards have been British Columbia’s most prestigious accolade in the export community since 1982.  Motion Metrics was chosen as a finalist based on a range of selection criteria, including a sound capital base and working capital, demonstrated year-to-year growth or increased sales volume, demonstrated ability to overcome barriers to entry in new international markets, quality of export plan, and notable business growth overall because of export activities.  Read more here.

  1. PortaMetrics™ earned an honorable mention award at the 2017 International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique.

Earlier in the year, Motion Metrics presented our paper, “Fast Rock Segmentation Using Artificial Intelligence to Approach Human-Level Accuracy,” at the 2017 ISEE Conference in Orlando, Florida.  The paper explains how PortaMetrics™ uses 3D imaging and artificial intelligence to delineate rock boundaries and accurately calculate particle size distribution without the need for reference objects.  The paper was also featured in the bimonthly Journal of Explosives Engineering.

  1. Motion Metrics was included in the 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS).

In keeping with our commitment to enhancing our products with deep learning technologies, Motion Metrics attended and participated in several artificial intelligence conferences.  We were especially flattered to be included in the 2017 IROS conference, which is a highly-regarded international robotics conference for researchers and professionals from academia and industry.  Motion Metrics was recommended for inclusion by the Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CARIS) Laboratory at UBC.  Read more about the event here.

  1. Motion Metrics attended 13 tradeshows and authored 12 papers for mining publications.

It’s been a busy year for our Sales and Marketing teams!  This year, we planned and attended 14 major mining trade shows around the world – from Indaba in South Africa to IMARC in Australia.  At CIM 2017, we presented a paper showcasing all our latest technologies.  We also authored 12 editorials, articles, and papers for mining journals around the world in 2017.  One such piece was a World Coal article that proposed ShovelMetrics as a solution to the rising cost of pre-strip waste removal in opencast coal mines. 

  1. MetricsManager™ Pro has been adopted by some of our major customers since its launch.

This year, MetricsManager™ Pro has become a hit with customers.  Since its launch in 2016, our web-based data management platform has earned the praise of users around the world.  The system allows easy access to real-time productivity dashboards, customizable performance reports, and detailed event logs for all users on the mine’s network.  Click here to learn more about the mines adopting MetricsManager™ Pro.

  1. Motion Metrics has expanded its reach throughout Africa. We sold six ShovelMetrics™ Payload Monitoring systems to a South African mine as well as our first ShovelMetrics™ solution to Ghana.

Motion Metrics has been building strong relationships with new and existing clients in Africa.  We made one of our largest sales to a South African precious metals mine, which purchased six Payload Monitoring modules to add to its existing ShovelMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection and Fragmentation Analysis systems.  We also sold our first ShovelMetrics™ solution to our first Ghanaian mine.  Ghana is Africa’s largest gold producer, and has a burgeoning mineral extraction market that we are eager to service.  Read more here.

  1. Motion Metrics was awarded a UK patent for PortaMetrics™.

Motion Metrics was awarded its first United Kingdom patent for PortaMetrics™.  Patent GB536271 “Method and apparatus for performing a fragmentation assessment of a material” was co-invented by Shahram Tafazoli, Mohammed Sameti, Nima Ziraknejad, Aylin Azmin, Ian Bell, and Daniel Ko.  This is the second patent our portable fragmentation analysis device has received; less than a year prior, PortaMetrics™ was awarded a US patent.  Read more here.