Portable fragmentation analysis


PortaMetrics™ is a patented* point-and-shoot rugged tablet that provides almost instant fragmentation analysis of your desired scene without the need for any reference scaling object.
*US 9,418,309 / CAN 2,863,709 / UK GB2536271


“Using PortaMetrics™, we perform daily fragmentation analysis on stock piles, crusher piles, and at the plant, as well as on gravel that produces stoppage in the production wells.”
Christian Aliaga, Enaex Technical Representative
Los Pelambres Mine

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Optimize Blasting Results

Efficient blasting is an integral part of any mining operation. Ineffective blasting results in excessive energy consumption, high explosive expenses and shortened lifetimes of downstream equipment. With an effective fragmentation analysis solution in place, mines can optimize blasting results and realize significant time and cost savings.

This powerful tool provides needed feedback to blast engineers, allowing them not only to validate the accuracy of their blast simulations but also to provide a good indication of digability.


3D Imaging

With three high resolution cameras compiled into a rugged industrial package and complete with a glove friendly touch screen, PortaMetrics™ is capable of capturing and processing images in any mining environment. Users can easily select their region of interest, capture an image and display results instantly on an intuitive graphical user interface. This point and shoot device includes manual correction capabilities to fine-tune images and make adjustments if necessary.


No Scaling Objects Required

PortaMetrics™ moves safety to the forefront of operations by accurately calculating rock fragmentation from a distance. Mine personnel no longer need to approach the bench face or climb it to place a scaling object.

Valuable Reports

PortaMetrics™ instantly generates reports to include rock size distribution graphs, size range statistics, slope measurements and more. Integrated GPS associates captured images with specific blasts, while Cloud connectivity allows fragmentation results to be shared remotely. With all of these features available at your fingertips, mine personnel no longer need to return to the office and upload images to computer software to obtain accurate fragmentation results.


Underground Applications

Following successful trials, PortaMetrics™ is now available for underground applications. When paired with additional portable lighting, the device can accurately provide instant rock fragmentation results. With this information, important decisions can be made when sending blasted material to downstream equipment. By ensuring optimal rock sizes are attained, wear and tear on downstream crushers and conveyor belts caused by overworking is minimized.


Stay Connected from Anywhere

MetricsManager™ Pro for PortaMetrics™ is an online platform that allows users to access data and generate valuable reports from multiple images. Each report contains rock fragmentation results including a rock size distribution graph, p-values with associated rock sizes, as well as accurate slope and range measurements - and with date and time stamps, each image can be associated to a specific blast.
With MetricsManager™ Pro, drilling and blasting engineers can analyze valuable fragmentation data from any blast quickly and easily.


What is the min/max distance?

PortaMetrics™ provides accurate results between 0.5-30m.

Does it provide a count of how many rocks are each size?

The device provides a graph of rock size distributions – how many of each

Does it save data/reports/logs?


How long does the process take?

The device takes approximately 5 seconds to process the image and provide fragmentation results.

Who can use it? Any training needed?

The device is intuitive for any mine personnel.

What is the minimum rock size detected?

At 10m, the smallest measured rock size measured accurately is 3cm.

Does it need to be calibrated?

The device does not need to be calibrated. It uses 3 stereo vision cameras

How accurate are the results?

+/- 1cm

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