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November 16th, 2015

An Inside Look: September in South America

Active members of the mining industry, whether suppliers, miners, contractors, or in any other capacity know that September is typically the busiest month in terms of relevant industry conventions and tradeshows. This year, we attended three back to back tradeshows in South America, spanning three weeks (not to mention the ones in Australia and Africa!). Motion Metrics was actively attending Mantemin in Santiago, Chile, followed by Exposibram in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Perumin in Arequipa, Peru. Hence, my trip started with flying from Vancouver to Santiago. I spent the first few days with our Motion Metrics LatAm team, attending office matters and managing our booth at Mantemin which was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Santiago (see picture below which I took with our Motion Metrics LatAm crew in the hotel yard).


Mantemin is a very specialized event and one of my favourites in Chile. This year we had the opportunity to be Gold Sponsors of the event and give a talk. Below is a picture with Mantemin coordinator Victor, myself and Motion Metrics LatAm manager Jose.


By the last hours of the show on Friday when I started feeling a little tired, I started chatting with my good friend Rodrigo from Direcmin (pictured below).


It appears that we are both cycling enthusiasts. Well, in my case, quite recently. Roughly 18 months ago I decided to stop driving my car and instead use a bicycle as a means of transportation. When I look back now, this has been a very good life decision. The first month was quite hard and I would occasionally walk my bike on my route to work from home but as time progressed, I improved. When Rodrigo learned that I was missing biking, he offered to bring his own bike and a guest bike to my hotel which was adjacent to the San Cristobal hill so that we could both enjoy riding the well-paved mountain trail. I cordially accepted this offer which meant waking up quite early the next day!


Riding with Rodrigo on the San Cristobal hill was very nice. I was impressed at how many cyclists were awake early on Saturday, challenging themselves to cycle up a few hundred meters. Riding up, the views of the city are spectacular.

Rodrigo also told me about his passion for publishing and how his new book on the history of trains in Chile will be published soon. He promised to send me a copy – I should remind him!

The next day, I caught a flight to Brazil to join our employees (Nick and Iman) at our booth in Exposibram, together with our pleasant local translator (Ms. Gabriela). The show hours are quite unique for this event (1PM to 9PM). As always, I found Exposibram very well attended and had a chance to catch up with our exclusive rep in Brazil (Komatsu Brazil) and friends from Hensley and Modular Mining. In the final hours of the show, we took the following pictures and drank a few glasses of Caipirinha, the national Brazilian drink. During this show, we also got a chance to catch up with our good customer Vale and representatives from various mines such as Carajas, Sossego, and Salobo.


Before I knew it I was flying again, this time to Peru. I stopped for a few days in Lima and had a chance to visit the offices of our exclusive representative in Peru, Minera Almax. There I got a chance to see my good friend Alberto and his very loyal employees. After we caught up on business, Alberto and his staff took me for a very nice lunch at Peruvian restaurant, of course I had to try the Pisco Sour there, with my ceviche. I also made sure to enjoy drinking the liquid left in the bottom of my ceviche bowl which Peruvians call leche the tigre, which translates to “tiger’s milk”.


On Monday, I flew to Arequipa and joined our team at Perumin which included Nick, Iman, and now our marketing specialist, Jodie. From Almax, Henry was with us. We also had the pleasure of our local translator Andrea joining our booth (as she did 2 years ago). It was a small booth with 5 of us! However, this was an extremely successful convention. There was really no dull moment during the 5 days at this show. We also really enjoyed catching up with our good customers Cerro Verde and Toquepala.





Written by Dr. Shahram Tafazoli  Motion Metrics President & CEO