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July 28th, 2017

Botswana Diamond Mine Purchases Three LoaderMetrics Systems

A diamond mine in Botswana has recently purchased LoaderMetrics™ systems for three of their loaders. The latest version of our missing tooth detection system will be installed on one CAT 994 and two LeTourneau L1850 wheel loaders. The systems will include Motion Metrics’ advanced ThermalDetect™ thermal camera and DeepAccuracy™ deep learning algorithm which continuously track the bucket teeth and automatically alert the operator when a tooth is detected missing.

This large installation will be carried out with assistance from Motion Metrics’ remote staff in southern Africa. Although our headquarters are located in Vancouver, Canada, Motion Metrics employs full-time staff in Botswana and South Africa who help install, update, and maintain our systems in the region. We are always committed to maintaining a strong relationship with our clients and providing the highest level of service.

logsLoaderMetrics™ detecting a missing tooth on an L1850 loader.