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February 13th, 2018

Codelco Praises Updated Version of ShovelMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection

Codelco recently shared an article praising the updated version of our ShovelMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection that we installed at their Gabriela Mistral mine in Chile.

This updated version of our flagship product includes cameras with better resolution, improved software, and larger screens. Another great advantage of this new system is the decrease in false alarms, which helps equipment operators work more efficiently.  “Currently, the image is sharper and better shows the teeth of the blades, so the alarms are more accurate,” says Control Engineer of Mining Processes Estefanía Broughton.  “There is always a range of sensitivity or margin of error, but it is smaller, reducing it to less than half of what it was before.”

The new ShovelMetrics™ system also improves safety at the Gabriela Mistral mine.  Missing or broken shovel teeth can travel downstream in the bucket and jam crushers, and removing these is a highly dangerous procedure for mine personnel.  “In the case of such an event, an operator must enter the crusher to solve the problem,” explains Mine Manager Gustavo Córdova.  “Now we resolve two issues because we remove our people from the line of fire and maintain operational continuity.”

We’re very pleased to hear that the Gabriela Mistral mine staff is benefiting from our missing tooth solution and would like to thank Codelco for their positive feedback!  Click here to read the full Spanish article.