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September 9th, 2014

MetricsGear™ Featured in International Mining Magazine and TechCrunch

As wearable technology gains genuine interest within the consumer market, it has also started to expand its reach into the industrial market. Wearable technology can improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of the employees; a potential “game changer” for many industries.

Seeing the potential for wearable technologies, Motion Metrics is aiming to be one of the pioneers for introducing wearable technology to the mining industry. For the past eight months, Motion Metrics has teamed up with Vandrico Inc., a Vancouver based company focused on workplace wearables, to develop a wearable solution specifically for the mining industry.

Motion Metrics and Vandrico have now developed the MetricsGear™ platform, which allows the critical alerts and warnings from MetricsManager™ to be sent directly to any mining personnel wearing a smartwatch. The smartwatch is able to notify relevant staff on critical events, such as missing shovel tooth or equipment collisions, thereby allowing mine personnel to react as soon as possible to a situation in order to prevent accidents and improve productivity.


Recently, the August 2014 Issue of International Mining Magazine featured an article on Motion Metrics’ expansion into wearable technologies. The article mentions that the project was conceived by Shahram Tafazoli, the President and CEO of Motion Metrics, who has been following wearable technology since its early stages within the consumer market. “I was already interested to bring a wearable component to our products,” Tafazoli mentions, “I have been following it for a couple of years now. When I learned about Vandrico, and the fact they are focusing on bringing it to the workplace, I really liked the story.”


Since the project began in January, MetricsGear™ has made great strides in its ability to send alerts to relevant personnel across platforms. As featured in a recent article in, the development team demonstrated the system’s ability to “simultaneously send an emergency alert to a smartwatch, Google Glass, a Recon Jet and, for good measure, a good old smartphone”. With such flexibility, the MetricsGear™ system has the potential to be applied to any wearable device that’s advantageous to the specific environment.

As one of the pioneers in developing wearable technology for the mining industry, Motion Metrics believes that the mining industry is ready to be at the forefront of new technology.


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