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December 4th, 2015

Motion Metrics Awarded Patent for Payload Monitoring

On June 2nd 2015, Motion Metrics received Canadian patent #2683357 – Method, system and apparatus for monitoring loading of a payload into a load carrying container.

This patent was co-invented by Shahram Tafazoli Bilandi, Farshid Tafazoli Bilandi and Arya Ohadi Esfahani.

This patent covers a feature of ShovelMetrics™ – Payload Monitoring. Payload Monitoring for hydraulic shovels and excavators accurately senses the payload of each bucket as the shovel is loading. Designed to optimize shovel efficiency, the real-time feedback provides the operator with information necessary to determine if dumping to the truck will overload or underload the haul truck.

This patent is critical to securing and advancing Motion Metrics technology.