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May 24th, 2017

Motion Metrics Awarded UK Patent for PortaMetrics

On April 5, 2017, Motion Metrics was awarded United Kingdom patent GB2536271 “Method and apparatus for performing a fragmentation assessment of a material” for PortaMetrics™. This is exciting news as it marks our first UK patent and our second patent for PortaMetrics™, less than a year after we received the US patent for the blast fragmentation analysis device.

Co-invented by Shahram Tafazoli, Mohammed Sameti, Nima Ziraknejad, Aylin Azmin, Ian Bell, and Daniel Ko, this patent will prove essential to securing Motion Metrics’ position as a worldwide mining technology leader.

PortaMetrics is a handheld tablet that uses 3D imaging to analyze rock fragmentation in any environment without the need for any reference scaling objects. Performing advanced functions at the click of a button, PortaMetrics is an essential tool for any mine looking to optimize their blasting and drilling processes.