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June 22nd, 2017

Motion Metrics Featured In Mining Magazine

June’s issue of Mining Magazine explores how mines can use Motion Metrics’ rock fragmentation analysis technology to save energy costs by optimizing their blasting techniques.

The article specifically focuses on reducing energy costs associated with comminution – the reduction in size of solid materials in crushers and mills. This process is by far the most energy intensive component of mining. In fact, comminution in the mining industry consumes roughly 3% of all the electricity generated in the world-equivalent to all the energy consumed by the nation of Germany!

Fortunately, mines can reduce the high costs of comminution by improving their blasting techniques. If mines can achieve better rock fragmentation from the initial blast, they can use less energy in the downstream comminution stage. Because mill operating costs are typically ten times as high as blasting costs, mines can achieve significant overall cost savings through blast optimization.

Fragmentation analysis technology, such as our PortaMetrics™ 3D imaging tablet, and ShovelMetrics™’ in-bucket blast fragmentation analysis module provide the necessary data that can be used to determine the efficiency of each blast, and better prepare for the next one. Using the latest in machine learning technology, our image-based fragmentation analysis systems allow mines to blast with confidence.

You can read the article here.