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May 2nd, 2017

PortaMetrics™ Moves to MetricsManager™ Pro

What is MetricsManager™ Pro?

MetricsManager™ Pro is an online platform that allows users to access PortaMetrics™ images, review blasting results and generate customizable reports. Accessible to all mine and quarry personal on any laptop, tablet or smartphone, MetricsManager™ Pro is a one-stop portal for blasting analysis.



  • Intuitive Interface: MetricsManager™ Pro can be accessed by any user with an account via laptop, tablet or smartphone. The web platform displays images captured by all PortaMetrics™ devices. Users can search for images by device name, date and time, as well as tag.
  • Manual Editing: similar to manual editing capabilities on the PortaMetrics™ device, MetricsManager™ Pro allows users to select images and alter their region of interest, as well as merge and split rock regions for optimal results.
  • Report Generation: reports can be easily generated to include analysis of multiple captured images. Each report can be named to associate it to a specific blast and contains a rock size distribution graph, p-values, max rock size as well as accurate slope and range measurements. Reports can be shared directly by email or easily downloaded and saved as a pdf for later use. With MetricsManager™ Pro, drilling and blasting engineers can analyze valuable fragmentation data from any blast quickly and easily.

What does this mean for existing users?

Our Support Team is on hand to transition users to MetricsManager™ Pro. For more information, please contact: