Payload Monitoring

Payload Monitoring

ShovelMetrics™ Payload Monitoring for hydraulic shovels and excavators accurately senses the payload of each bucket as the shovel is loading.



Loading Practices

Shovel productivity can vary dramatically between different operators and loading practices. When a truck is overloaded, component life is significantly decreased which can lead to premature tire wear and suspension failures. When a truck is underloaded, more trips and passes are needed to transport the same amount of material.


Pressure Sensors

The ShovelMetrics™ Payload Monitoring system relies on the position of the shovel bucket and the associated pressures in the hydraulic cylinders to estimate the load inside the bucket. This technique, which is based on concepts from advanced robotics and estimation theory, allows the payload to be determined in real-time without interrupting the normal flow of operation.

In-cab Display

As the shovel digs, the weight of the bucket is calculated and displayed on the in-cab monitor. In parallel, the capacity of the truck and the number of tonnes needed to fill the truck to optimal capacity are calculated and displayed. Based on previous bucket capacities, the system is able to calculate and alert the operator when a bucket will be the last bucket to be dumped to the truck.


Significant Cost Savings

Without carefully monitoring shovel performance, unidentified inefficiencies can cost mines millions in lost productivity. One of these inefficiencies includes overutilizing and underutilizing haul trucks. With ever-increasing pressures to improve productivity, implementation of a payload monitoring system allows shovels and trucks to be filled to their optimal capacity, minimizing truck wear and tear and improving loading efficiency while maximizing output. Specifically, by implementing the system on shovels, as opposed to traditional systems installed on trucks, significant cost savings can be realized.


Centralized Analysis

MetricsManager™ Pro is a centralized web based solution designed to manage and analyze information collected directly from Motion Metrics embedded systems.
MetricsManager™ Pro for Payload Monitoring monitors shovel productivity in real-time and generates valuable daily reports. Payload Monitoring reports include various productivity key performance indicators including:

  • total number of tonnes per shift
  • total number of cycles per shift
  • total number of trucks used

Detailed Analysis

Hourly analysis can also be generated, in addition to detailed statistics relating to shovel and truck cycles. With this information, shovel and operator productivity can be accurately calculated and operational changes can be made to improve overall digging efficiency, ensuring each truck is filled to their optimal capacity.

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Case Study

“ A 1% Improvement in shovel productivity can generate $1.7 million annually for each shovel”

Download our case study to see how our system helps mines to save millions of dollars each year.

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