Proximity Detection

Proximity Detection

ShovelMetrics™ Proximity Detection is a patented* innovative solution by Motion Metrics that monitors a shovels’ perimeter for objects that enter into its swing radius.

*US Patent # 9,030,332 / CAN Patent # 2,781,349



Large Blind Spots

Shovel operators face several unique challenges including: large blind spots, a wide swing path, the need for cleanup equipment to work in close proximity, as well as operational pressures to reduce downtime. Given a shovels geometry with a large counter weight and an off-center rotation, it is difficult for the operator to correctly judge whether nearby equipment will be hit during the course of operation.


Collision Mitigation

Our patent-protected ShovelMetrics™ Proximity Detection solution uses a series of radars and cameras installed around the shovel’s perimeter. Each radar and camera is custom calibrated to cover the shovels’ swing radius and geometry. Two regions are set surrounding the shovel and differentiate between two levels of danger. The outermost region is a ‘warning zone’ designed to alert the operator that something is near the shovel. The width of the warning zone can be adjusted to an operation’s specifications. Operators are warned through slow, flashing visual and audible alarms.

Eliminate Blindspots

The inner region is the ‘collision zone’. When objects enter this zone they are entering the shovels’ swing radius, this width is fixed relative to the shovels geometry. Fast flashing visual alerts appear on the shovel’s exterior. In the shovel operator’s cab an urgent alarm is heard and the in-cab monitor lights up the red warning zone for the operator to see.


Improve Operational Safety

Open pit mines frequently require a variety of large equipment to interact in extremely close proximity. Any collision between vehicles has serious safety and economic implications. Collisions can result in serious injuries or even fatalities, while shovel downtime to repair damaged equipment and complete incident investigations results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. ShovelMetrics™ Proximity Detection moves safety to the forefront of operations, while reducing equipment downtime and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity resulting from equipment collisions.


Centralized Analysis

MetricsManager™ Pro is a centralized web-based solution designed to manage and analyze information collected directly from Motion Metrics embedded systems. Users can access this information in real-time from a connected laptop, tablet or smartphone. MetricsManager™ Pro for ShovelMetrics™ Proximity Detection provides management with:

  • Collision incident reports. Each report contains the date, time and piece of equipment involved in the collision, as well as the images captured at the moment of the collision
  • Review system performance with log frequency analysis, ensuring the system is capturing and processing images frequently.

Real-time Alerts

With this valuable information, mine management can determine the cause of a collision, as well as provide further training to operators to prevent future incidents. In doing so, collisions can be minimized and significant time and cost savings can be attained.  

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Does Proximity Detection prevent collisions?

No. Proximity detection provides greater surveillance of a shovels surroundings, offering the operator greater visibility and control of the machinery to make more informed and accurate decisions to reduce the likelihood of a collision.

Do truck or dozer operators receive the alerts as well?

Flashing lights on the shovels exterior are implemented to alert truck and dozer operators. The lights flash slowing when the truck/dozer enters the warning zone and flash quickly when they are in the collision zone.

Does the system need to be calibrated?

Given the vast differences in shovel dimensions and swing radius, it is important that each shovel is calibrated individually. The wide angle cameras are placed to provide complete coverage of the shovel perimeter. Similarly, each radar is placed so that no area surrounding the shovel is unmonitored. By accounting for the geometry of the equipment, false alarms are drastically reduced allowing operators to focus on operations.

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