Extending Machine Senses

We inspire a new generation of safe, sustainable, and intelligent mining.

Weir Motion Metrics is a Canadian technology company that uses its expertise in artificial intelligence and computer vision to improve mine safety and energy efficiency. We have been a trusted partner in mining innovation since 1999.

Our Solutions


Analyze particle size data from the mine to the mill.

Weir Motion Metrics offers particle size analysis products for shovels, conveyor belts, haul trucks, and in a portable format that neither interrupt production nor require reference scaling objects.

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First picture

Productivity & Safety

Reduce equipment downtime and increase throughput.

Our monitoring systems for shovels, loaders, and haul trucks improve worker safety and equipment productivity. We offer missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring, particle size analysis, volume monitoring, and boulder detection.


Actionable data puts you in control.

Data from all installed Weir Motion Metrics products can be managed through our secure and centralized data analysis platform. Authorized users can access status updates and data summaries, in-depth performance reports, equipment activity logs, and particle size data from anywhere.

Download General Brochure

Need more information?

Download our general brochure in the language of your choice. Our portfolio of smart solutions addresses a range of tough mining challenges. We offer particle size analysis from mine to mill, missing tooth detection for shovels and loaders, tooth wear monitoring for shovels, and payload monitoring for shovels.

¿Necesitas mas información?

Descarga nuestro folleto general en el idioma que prefieras. Nuestro portafolio de soluciones inteligentes abarca una amplia variedad de desafíos mineros. Ofrecemos análisis de tamaño de partículas desde mina hacia el molino, detección de caída de dientes en Palas y Cargadores, como también monitoreo de desgaste de dientes y carga útil para Palas.

Precisa de mais informação?

Faça o download do nosso catálogo geral no idioma de sua escolha. Nosso portfólio de soluções inteligentes aborda uma série de difíceis desafios da mineração. Oferecemos análise de fragmentação para mine to mill, detecção de perda de dentes para carregadeiras e escavadeiras, monitoramento de desgaste de pontas para escavadeiras e monitoramento de carga útil para escavadeiras hidráulicas.

Хотите узнать больше?

Загрузите нашу общую брошюру на выбранном Вами языке. Наше портфолио “умных” решений решает ряд сложных горнодобывающих задач включая анализ размера частиц от рудника до ГОКа, обнаружение отсутствующих зубьев для экскаваторов и погрузчиков, мониторинг износа зубьев для экскаваторов и мониторинг полезной нагрузки для экскаваторов.

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Customer Reviews

  • I am impressed with the innovative solutions your company has developed to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. My hat’s off to you for all that you bring to the mining industry.
    Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
  • Six continents
  • 80+ mines and quarries
  • 300+ pieces of equipment
  • 500+ missing teeth detected
  • Billions of rocks analyzed