• November 4th, 2021
  • 2 min

16 ShovelMetrics Gen 3 Systems for South America

On Thursday October 28th, 2021, Motion Metrics celebrated shipment of 16x ShovelMetrics Gen 3 systems to a large iron ore mine in South America. Our team has been working on this exciting new generation product for more than 3 years. The system employs high-res rugged cameras and 3D viewing of the bucket, plus our most advanced AI-based algorithm for missing tooth detection, missing lip shroud monitoring, accurate 3D particle size sensing and boulder detection, to name a few. Very proud of the hard-working Motion Metrics global team. Another step towards making mining safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Way to go team!

ShovelMetrics’ world-class G.E.T. monitoring system uses artificial intelligence and 3D computer vision to provide accurate and reliable missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring and now includes the industry’s first lip shroud detection system.

Equipment downtime one of the costliest problems our customers face. Motion Metrics provides a range of solutions that pay for themselves by reducing crusher, shovel, and loader downtime caused by G.E.T. components and oversized material. ShovelMetrics Gen. 3 alerts operators and mine operations staff quickly to broken or missing bucket teeth and lip shroud incidents, allowing problematic material to be diverted away from the crusher. Additionally, the system continuously monitors tooth wear, affording mine’s the opportunity to avoid unscheduled maintenance, further reducing costly equipment downtime.

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