• January 10th, 2020
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An Inside Look: Training Mine Personnel at a South African Platinum Mine

Hands-on customer training has always been an essential part of our business.  At Motion Metrics, we go beyond educating customers about product features – we consider it our duty to ensure that customers are using our technologies in the best way possible to achieve their goals.  Moreover, training gives us valuable insight into how customers interact with our products – information that helps us improve product offerings and create better support content.

With customers on six continents, the Motion Metrics support team is constantly travelling to help customers get the most out of their systems.  This article gives readers an inside look into a recent training trip that our support team made to a platinum mine in South Africa using ShovelMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection and Payload Monitoring, as well as MetricsManager™ Pro.

Arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa before heading to the mine site.

Throughout the week-long stay at the open-pit mine, our support team provided comprehensive instruction customized for a variety of departments.  While management and maintenance learned about remote monitoring and data analysis with MetricsManager™ Pro, operators and dispatch crew received training on user interaction with the ShovelMetrics™ Missing Tooth Detection and Payload Monitoring system.

Admiring the beautiful South African countryside enroute to the remote mine site.

Operators were trained in small groups to promote discussion and ensure adequate individual instruction.   These sessions explained each ShovelMetrics™ module and included an explanation of the technology and components, instructions for navigating the operator interface, a breakdown of standard workflows and procedures, and guidelines for best practices.  The participants asked for a short operator training video to watch periodically as a refreshers – a request that we were happy to oblige.

A group of shovel operators at the mine who have successfully completed their Motion Metrics training session.

To help customers get the most out of their products, Motion Metrics can also work one-on-one with mines. In this instance, the Motion Metrics technical team worked with mine management to find a solution that aligned with the mine’s data needs and provide an estimated development deadline.  If you are an existing customer who could benefit from a training week like the trip detailed in this article, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help!

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