BeltMetrics™ Gen 2
Easy and accurate particle size analysis

BeltMetrics™ Gen 2 uses artificial intelligence and stereo imaging to analyze particle size on conveyor belts – no belt cuts, calibration, or scaling objects required.

Real-time analysis
that neither interrupts production
nor requires belt cuts.

Fragmentation Monitoring
Optimize crusher feed size with continual particle size analysis.

Empty Belt Detection
Detect empty belts to alert you to blocked chutes.

Volume Monitoring
Optimize production by continually measuring transported material.

Load Profile Monitoring
Prevent uneven belt wear and conveyor damage with accurate load profiling.

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We want to help you crush it.

BeltMetrics™ Gen 2 is a critical element of your mine-to-mill strategy.

Mine-to-mill optimization begins with a clear understanding and ongoing assessment of blasting, crushing, and grinding operations. BeltMetrics™ is an accurate alternative to sieve analysis that doesn’t interrupt production.

Case Study

How BeltMetrics™ helps a Western Australian mine prevent contamination events.

This iron ore mine in the Pilbara uses the BeltMetrics™ particle size analysis and automated notification functions to prevent contamination events.

In this sample report, the site receives a notification from BeltMetrics™ indicating that oversized material has been detected. The mine then stops the belt and fixes the screen breakage so that normal operation can resume.

MetricsManager™ Pro

Turn your data into decisions.

Like all Weir Motion Metrics products, BeltMetrics™ interfaces with our centralized data analysis platform, MetricsManager™ Pro. Users with authorized credentials can access data summaries, in-depth performance reports, equipment activity logs, and particle size data from anywhere. Weir Motion Metrics recognizes the importance of interoperability and will work with other vendors to ensure our solutions interface with your existing software.

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BeltMetrics Product Brochure

An overview of BeltMetrics™, a particle size analysis and volume monitoring solution for conveyor belts.
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Mine-to-Mill Optimization Article

An article that explains why ShovelMetrics™, PortaMetrics™, and BeltMetrics™ should be part of your mine-to-mill optimization strategy. Published in Mining Magazine in November 2018.
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