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Sin cortes de correa ni calibración. Solo un análisis preciso del tamaño de partícula impulsado por el aprendizaje profundo.


Why You Need It

A critical element of your mine-to-mill strategy.

The best way to gain insight into your crushing performance.

How it works

Set up the camera and frame. Install some lighting. You’re done!

BeltMetrics™ uses 3D imaging and deep learning to accurately measure each particle.


No manual corrections have been made to these images.

You can view all your data from our centralized platform.

Particle size analysis solution for shovels.
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Portable particle size analysis solution.
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Folleto del producto PortaMetrics

An overview of PortaMetrics™, an accurate and affordable handheld fragmentation analysis device.
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Mine-to-Mill Optimization Article

An article that explains why ShovelMetrics™, PortaMetrics™, and BeltMetrics™ should be part of your mine-to-mill optimization strategy. Published in Mining Magazine in November 2018.
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Caso de estudio de PortaMetrics

A collection of case studies showcasing the benefits customers have achieved with PortaMetrics™.
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