• June 19th, 2019
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Meet Ethan Fernandes, Marketing Co-op Student

Located on the University of British Columbia campus, Motion Metrics is a great place for ambitious co-op students to take on meaningful, challenging work alongside experts in their field. We sat down with one of our co-op students, Ethan Fernandes, to talk about his experience at Motion Metrics.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a second-year Bachelor of Commerce student specializing in marketing at the UBC Sauder School of Business. This summer, I was looking for an opportunity to grow my marketing skillset and explore my love for technology. With its mission of using artificial intelligence to make mining safer and more efficient, Motion Metrics seemed like the perfect place for me to let my inner nerd out. As a Marketing Coop, I was tasked with developing an automated email workflow to nurture leads and launching a corporate Instagram account.

What was your biggest accomplishment in this role?
I created an automated email campaign that nurtured leads who had filled out landing page forms on our website but did not go on to request a quote. Through a combination of research on email marketing best practices and A/B testing, I was able to craft a series of emails that lead to four requests for quotes.

And what was your biggest challenge?
Working at an AI tech firm that operates in the mining sector, my biggest challenge was navigating two industries that I knew nothing about. By the end of my first day, I was drowning in a sea of technical terms and brand-new concepts. My team helped me get through this. Everyone made it clear that I could go to them with questions at any time.

What surprised you about your role at Motion Metrics?
At the start of the summer, I didn’t expect to be doing any digital marketing beyond social media, and thought I’d be spending my semester coming up with advertisements. Instead, I found myself A/B testing email campaigns. I did not anticipate how much data analysis I’d be doing, but I’m not complaining. I’ve come to realize that marketing is more than an art – it’s a science.

What new skills did you gain at Motion Metrics?
The three months I have spent crafting mail flows have given me a new addition to my marketing arsenal: email marketing. I’ve learned how to use A/B testing to drive conversion, how to use HTML and CSS to create visually appealing emails, and how to integrate email marketing into a cohesive marketing plan.

How would you describe the company culture at Motion Metrics?
Fifteen years and three international offices later, Motion Metrics is a well-established company that hasn’t lost touch with its startup roots. We wolf down waffles for breakfast, trash talk each other at the foosball table at lunch, and meet up after work to play volleyball. Despite its ever-growing size, the team has remained a tight-knit family.

Would you recommend doing a co-op term at Motion Metrics?
Definitely! The mentorship I’ve received has been unparalleled; my entire team has been invested in my professional development.

With a welcoming culture and ample opportunity for mentorship, Motion Metrics is the perfect environment to launch early-stage careers. Our students come from a variety of disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and work on impactful projects that save lives and improve energy efficiency at mines worldwide. Are you ready to join us? Check out our current openings.

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