Get the most out of your new products.

All Motion Metrics products are packaged with strong service and support agreements to make technology adoption easy – wherever your mine is located.

Having been at the intersection of technology and mining for nearly two decades, we know that post-sale support is the best way to drive value through technology. Weir Motion Metrics has highly trained support teams stationed around the world to help you implement and derive maximum benefit from your new products.

Staying close to our customers

For all customers with service-level agreements, Weir Motion Metrics remotely monitors each installed system. This enables our support teams to verify that all systems are functioning as expected and alert mine personnel to any issues. Building trust is the cornerstone of our support strategy, and these long-lasting relationships inform future product development.

Your partner in innovation

Weir Motion Metrics takes the time to understand your unique business needs and support your mine throughout the life cycle of our products. Since most mining companies have operations in multiple countries and remote areas, we hire local teams that understand the regions in which we do business – from tax laws to language and work permits to labour laws.

Bridging the knowledge gap

Every product has a learning curve. Ours are intuitive and require minimal training, but we still believe that post-sale support is critical to ensuring rapid adoption on site. Each Motion Metrics installation is commissioned by an experienced support specialist, accompanied by detailed training, and backed by a limited warranty.

Easier systems maintenance

Compared to traditional on-premise solutions, our cloud-based products greatly increase the speed of updates and fixes because all software maintenance and upgrades are handled by Weir Motion Metrics. Since all updates are rolled out centrally and simultaneously, you can be assured that your mine is running the latest version of our technology.