ShovelMetrics™ Gen 3

A complete bucket monitoring solution for all shovels and excavators.

ShovelMetrics™ Gen. 3 uses deep learning to improve safety, energy efficiency, and productivity.

“Previously, mine personnel had to enter the primary crusher to remove a missing tooth. With ShovelMetrics, we remove our people from the line of fire and maintain operational continuity.”

Mine Manager, Gabriela Mistral

Missing Tooth Detection
Mitigate the risk of dangerous and costly crusher obstructions by alerting shovel operators to missing teeth.

Successful Missing
Tooth Detections

Tooth Wear Monitoring
Optimize tooth change-out intervals by monitoring wear.

Fragmentation Monitoring
Optimize blasting parameters with real-time particle size data.

Payload Monitoring
Maximize productivity with bucket-by-bucket payload monitoring.

Blind Spot Reduction
Reduce the likelihood of equipment collisions with live surveillance views.

Boulder Detection


Identify oversized material early and avoid costly downtime incidents.

Lip Shroud Monitoring


The world’s first ever lip shroud monitoring system can help reduce downtime due to crusher jams.

Video Recorder


The system can record and store up to 3 days of high resolution footage from camera views.

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Introducing "Intelligent Perception"

AI-Driven Shovel Performance

Our AI-driven analysis of shovel operating cycles has revolutionized the way mining operations are conducted in the mining industry. Our technology offers unparalleled insight by continuously analyzing everything that the shovel does from “Engage” to “Swing full” to “Dump” and “Swing empty”. This comprehensive data empowers mining companies to enhance operator and shovel performance, minimize crusher downtime, boost productivity, and make informed decisions for sustained operational excellence. Discover the transformative potential of “Intelligent Perception” our AI-powered solution in shaping the future of mining operations.

Ruggedized High Resolution 3D Camera

brings unprecedented accuracy and data collection.

ShovelMetrics’ world-class G.E.T. monitoring system uses artificial intelligence and 3D computer vision to provide accurate and reliable missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring and now includes the industry’s first lip shroud detection system.

  • Missing Tooth Detection: Identifies full or partial broken shovel teeth or adaptors that occur during normal operation in real-time.
  • Tooth Wear Monitoring: Tracks the changes in teeth lengths due to normal operational wear, allowing personnel to optimize tooth change-out intervals and mitigate tooth breakage incidents.
  • Lip Shroud Detection: The world’s first solution to identify missing bucket lip shrouds in real-time.

Payload Monitoring

for Hydraulic Shovels

ShovelMetrics™ Gen 3 Payload Monitoring accurately senses the payload of each bucket load as the shovel is loading.

Maximizing production efficiency is a key challenge to improving a mine’s profitability. On a mine-site, Shovel Operators are often forced to rely only on their eyes and estimation abilities to load trucks accurately and efficiently. This translates for a wide degree of uncertainty. The cost of just a 1% decrease in shovel productivity can cost millions in lost opportunity.

The ShovelMetrics Gen 3 Payload Monitoring System provides real-time feedback to shovel operators, allowing them to monitor and adjust payload prior to dumping every bucket, significantly improving loading efficiency by enabling unprecedented awareness for optimal haul truck loads for your operation, again and again.

Keeps mine personnel safe and pays for itself in months.

You should never have to compromise on safety or efficiency.

Prevent dangerous and costly crusher obstructions by monitoring shovel tooth wear and alerting operators to missing G.E.T. components before they travel downstream. ShovelMetrics Gen 3 includes an advanced high definition bucket camera that improves the system’s particle size analysis and boulder detection accuracy. The integrated Blind Spot Monitoring system helps operators avoid equipment collisions, safeguarding personnel and preventing hundreds of thousands of dollars in production loss due to equipment damage and repair downtime.

Productivity Is King.

Keeps mine personnel safe and pays for itself in months.

Equipment downtime one of the costliest problems our customers face. Weir Motion Metrics provides a range of solutions that pay for themselves by reducing crusher, shovel, and loader downtime caused by G.E.T. components and oversized material. ShovelMetrics Gen. 3 alerts operators and mine operations staff quickly to broken or missing bucket teeth and lip shroud incidents, allowing problematic material to be diverted away from the crusher. Additionally, the system continuously monitors tooth wear, affording mine’s the opportunity to avoid unscheduled maintenance, further reducing costly equipment downtime.

The Weir Motion Metrics Ecosystem

Our fully managed solution

As part of the Weir Motion Metrics Ecosystem for mines, ShovelMetrics Gen. 3 is equipped with a ruggedized high-resolution 3D bucket camera for accurate, AI-enhanced fragmentation analysis that alerts personnel to oversized material in the bucket. The system detects worn and broken G.E.T. components and allows for bucket-by-bucket payload monitoring allowing operations staff to greatly reduce costly downtime due to unscheduled maintenance and crusher jams. Additionally, high resolution surveillance cameras are installed to provide blind spot monitoring to the operator, reducing the likelihood of equipment collisions and increasing personnel safety.

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ShovelMetrics™ Gen 3 Payload Monitoring for Hydraulic Shovels

An overview of ShovelMetrics™, a complete bucket monitoring solution for shovels and excavators.
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