Training Sessions

Expert training and support services for Weir Motion Metrics systems are available remotely or on-site.

On-Premises Training

Our experienced field technicians are prepared to visit you with a training plan to support and train your staff and secure the latest knowledge that has been transferred to the mine personnel.

Depending on the training needs we will build a training plan suitable for your team and their needs, this can be from onsite training for the maintenance team to operators training, we also can prepare your supervisors teams to review analyze and verify the systems operations.

The onsite services can be also incorporate a Systems Check Visit or Support Visit to secure the systems are up to date and with the latest software.

Remote Training Session

Our systems specialist is prepared to do comprehensive remote sessions to refresh the knowledge from the mine operators, the onsite maintenance team, and users of our MetricsManager Pro platform.

The programs are set to develop the mine team with the tools and knowledge to identify missing tooth events, evaluate systems performance, identify, and troubleshoot the systems being on-site, generate reports and gather the information to the stakeholders promptly.

Remote sessions are a good connection point to your team having the closest communication with our staff and improving the experience of our systems.

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