Monitor each truck on its way to the crusher.

TruckMetrics™ is a boulder detection and particle size analysis solution that does not interrupt production.

Our new boulder detection and particle size analysis solution for haul trucks helps you minimize unplanned crusher downtime by alerting you to oversized material before it reaches the crusher. By reducing wear and tear on your crusher, TruckMetrics can help you save time and maintenance costs.

Boulder Detection
Minimize crusher downtime and reduce rockbreaker usage by diverting oversized material.

Fragmentation Monitoring
Evaluate blast performance by analyzing the particle size distribution of every truckload.

Load Profile Monitoring
Prevent uneven truck wear with accurate load profiling.

Volume Monitoring
Optimize production by measuring the volume of each haul truck load.

TruckMetrics is a particle size analysis and boulder detection solution for haul trucks that does not interrupt production. The system uses artificial intelligence and a stereo camera mounted on a gantry above the mine road to provide real-time analysis.

The Weir Motion Metrics Service Desk is a customer support portal that provides customers with quick access to the latest product manuals, guides, videos, training, and webinars. Customers can also use the platform to submit product support requests to our dedicated support team.

Improve productivity and efficiency.

A well-designed mine-to-mill optimization project can achieve productivity gains in the range of 10-20% with minor operational changes or cost impacts, and particle size is the key metric to track. With TruckMetrics, mines can monitor the particle size distribution of each truck load on its way to the crusher and divert any oversized material. Upcoming load profiling and volume monitoring capabilities will provide insight into operator performance.

MetricsManager™ Pro

Turn your data into decisions.

Like all Weir Motion Metrics products, TruckMetrics interfaces with our centralized data analysis platform, MetricsManager Pro. Users with authorized credentials can receive SMS and email boulder notifications, monitor truck volume for insight into shovel operator performance, and access particle size data from anywhere. Weir Motion Metrics recognizes the importance of interoperability and will work with other vendors to ensure our solutions interface with your existing software.

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An overview of TruckMetrics™, a boulder detection, particle size analysis, and volume monitoring solution for haul trucks.
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TruckMetrics Case Study

The True Costs of Lost Crusher Production.
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