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Keeps mine personnel safe and pays for itself in months.

Thank you for visiting our virtual booth – it is a pleasure to host you!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Motion Metrics has launched this online space to replace our international tradeshows. We hope that you find value in the brochures, videos, webinars, and presentations coming available in this novel online space, and we encourage you to book private consultations with our team through the Contact Us form.

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ShovelMetrics™ uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to provide missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring, payload monitoring, particle size analysis, and proximity detection. Our flagship missing tooth detection solution mitigates the risk of crusher obstructions to safeguard your employees and prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production. ShovelMetrics is trusted by the world’s largest mining companies and has been installed at more than 60 sites across six continents – from the Atacama Desert to the Arctic Circle.

LoaderMetrics™ uses artificial intelligence and thermal imaging to provide accurate missing tooth detection for all loader types. Our proprietary lens cleaning system ensures accurate performance under the harshest environmental conditions, and we build our hardware in Canada to meet or exceed military standards for temperature, shock, vibration, and dust.

TruckMetrics™ is a particle size analysis and boulder detection solution for haul trucks that does not interrupt production. The system uses artificial intelligence and a stereo camera mounted on a gantry above the mine road to provide real-time analysis.

BeltMetrics™ uses artificial intelligence and stereo imaging to analyze particle size on conveyor belts – no belt cuts, calibration, or scaling objects required.

PortaMetrics™ uses artificial intelligence and stereo imaging to provide accurate data without the need for a reference scaling object. PortaMetrics does not require calibration and can be used to verify blasting results or provide coverage where other particle size analysis systems are not installed.

Missing Tooth Detection

Prevent dangerous and costly crusher obstructions by monitoring shovel teeth.

Tooth Wear Monitoring

Optimize shovel tooth change-out intervals by monitoring wear.

Payload Monitoring

Maximize productivity with bucket-by-bucket payload monitoring.

Particle Size Analysis

Optimize blasting parameters with real-time particle size data.

Proximity Detection

Prevent equipment collisions with real-time surveillance monitoring.

Missing Tooth Detection

Prevent dangerous and costly crusher obstructions by monitoring loader teeth.

Blind Spot Reduction

Prevent equipment collisions with real-time surveillance views.

Boulder Detection

Minimize crusher downtime and reduce rockbreaker usage by diverting oversized material.

Particle Size Analysis

Evaluate blast performance by analyzing the particle size distribution of every truckload.

Particle Size Analysis

Optimize crusher feed size with continual particle size analysis.

Empty Belt Detection

Detect empty belts to alert you to blocked chutes.

“PortaMetrics makes it easier to optimize our blasting parameters and reduce explosives costs throughout the operation.”

Horia Moisa,
Superintendent Drill and Blast, AngloGold Ashanti.